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Corporate Social Responsibility Essays (Examples)

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❶ASIC can pursue the court to punish a person or a corporation in response to the misconduct. Economists like Milton Friedman believe that such practices conflict with the basic premises underlying U.

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Privacy and data security is the first topic of the human rights in the Microsoft company. As people spend more time online, the risk of privacy and data security attacks continue to rise.

So they launched a companywide response with the Trustworthy Computing initiative, which made privacy and data security our highest priorities in product development. Next is the Freedom of expression. They adopted a freedom of expression policy to guide their decision making when approached by governments that want to filter or censor Internet content.

After that, they continued to support the free exchange of ideas and information online through their membership in the Global Network Initiative. And they are committed to responsible practices in their own operations, with policies and programs that ensure they act as a good corporate citizen everywhere they do business. Thai people also trust their operations and products but Microsoft have to notice what are Thai people also Additional need something? And continue survey what are they want.

The survey can do by many ways its up to the company decided such as face-to-face interview, telephone survey, written questionnaire and focus group. In closing, Microsoft is a successful company with many products.

Their products make the company well-known and famous so much such as B-Ing, the famous search engine. X-Box, Gaming console that many people enjoy. Microsoft Office, the useful tool with many applications that is helpful to students and teachers in education. And Microsoft Windows, the most famous software in the world.

Accessed September 14, Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate social responsibility.

A concept that began as a response to the issues affecting the welfare of workers has evolved into an embodiment of different practices geared at creating a favorable environment for business operations. As Tengblad and Ohlsson find, the change of business climate is critical to this evolution. The earliest form of the concept of CSR was pegged on the notion that business organizations have a responsibility to promote ethical practices in their business engagements.

Aspects such as product safety, improved employment terms, fairness and equity took a central role in advancing these interests ,p. In promoting the interests of the mentioned parties, it was expected that such firms would focus on practices that propagated the national good of the country. As such, the concept was given a lot of attention from governments and state agencies. The expectation for organizations to promote national interests was at the center of the attraction CSR activities received from governments.

At the same time, governments played a significant role in regulating national economies as exercised through powers of jurisdiction and tax collection Tengblad and Ohlsson, , p. The new position of the governments meant that corporate institutions had to frame their CSR policies to fit into the prevailing political expectations and processes. Evidently, CSR was influenced by external factors more than management policies. Partly, the dominant government presence in CSR affairs was hinged on the notion that corporate institutions pursued profits at the expense of the larger interests of society.

Yet the foundation of CSR was premised on the idea that businesses had the moral duty to respond to the social needs of the environment within which they operated Carroll and Shabana, , pp.

As a result, corporate institutions experienced a lot of pressure to deliver the expectations of the political climate Tengblad and Ohlsson, , pp. However, technological advancements and other developments in the economic and political arenas in the last two decades have fuelled globalization which has, in turn, altered the concept of CSR in business circles.

Globalization enabled organizations to operate their business in much more open market which presented various opportunities and challenges, hence necessitating the revision of the CSR policies. Internationalization of business operations has tested the strength of national business regulatory mechanisms Tengblad and Ohlsson, , p.

This scenario results from the fact that international business organizations face a wider scope in terms of responsibilities in addressing issues that affect the operation of business as well as sustainability of business activities in foreign countries. The first concept embodied within the notion of CSR is in respect to the manner that people are treated.

Under classical models this would only include investors, customers, and internal employees. Corporate Social Responsibility the Good. But the shareholders themselves need to be more aware and more involved in their company's business in order for any meaningful change to sustain itself: Shareholders, the intended beneficiaries of the corporate vehicle, are the ultimate capitalists: Shareholders, not corporations, show indifference to the needs and values of society.

It is their behaviour that is most appropriately characterized as amoral indifference to the plight of others and their environment. Shareholders, not corporations, behave in a pathological manner. And shareholders should be the targets for the cure that we need for our ills. Social esponsibility and the…… [Read More].

Corporate social responsibility helps corporations to show their ethical concern for sustainable development and that for their stakeholders. In this paper, a comparison of corporate social responsibility of three companies is given. Corporate Social Responsibility the Ethics. The lives of thousands in the company's supply chain need to take precedence over the spending on a single spokesperson. Second, the value of a reputation for being transparent and trustworthy is far more valuable than any celebrity can provide.

A case in point is Gatorade. Having spent millions on a Tiger Woods endorsement, the company had to retract not only the endorsement but also the product based on his persona. If these funds had been used for funding programs for children in the poverty pockets of the U. And globally to get internet access and received better sports equipment, CS objectives would be attained at long-term change to lives who need the greatest…… [Read More].

Corporate Social Responsibility in a. This has lead to a greater corporate awareness of their impact in the multitude of regions they work and sell in. It has lead the concept of Corporate Social esponsibility to become a highlighted feature in the nature of global business today. There are numerous examples of successful implementations of Corporate Social esponsibility in today's marketplace. Take one for example, the Caremark Corporation which is typically known to Americans as the owners of the CVS chain pharmacy and drug stores.

This corporation has expanded rapidly over the past few years and has now become a global powerhouse. Yet, within its store locations, even in nations many corporations might exploit, they sill over excellent employee health packages that are equitable with the ones they offer their American employees in the United States.

This seemingly small token shows corporate responsibility for their employees. However, not all seemingly wholesome American companies end up…… [Read More]. Corporate Social esponsibility The purpose of this case study is close synopsis of the Enron case and its impact on consumers and corporate business practices alike.

Prior to its collapse Enron had been named one of America's top 10 admired corporations, and its boards "was acclaimed one of the U. Enron collapsed however and went bankrupt, a process that "outraged and impacted stakeholders tremendously and resulted in numerous congressional investigations" eed, The "implosion" of the company "wreaked havoc on accounting like no other case in American history; the collapse of the system called into question the adequacy of U.

Corporate Social Responsibility From an. Islamic economics extends these into the basics of investment for new venture creation, which is another aspect of Islamic accounting that specifically has been focused on from an economic growth perspective Choudhury, , Journal of Business Ethics 74, no. Masudul Alam Choudhury Islamic venture capital - a critical examination. Journal of Economic Studies 28, no. International Journal of Social Economics 33, no.

Marios Katsioloudes, Tor Brodtkorb. Advanced Management Journal 72, no. Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics. Corporate social responsibility is a reflection of societal ethical norms. There is some disagreement in our society what the norms for corporations should be.

A corporation is comprised of people, but the norms for corporations seem to be different from the norms for the people that comprise the corporation. This paper will explore these ideas to determine what corporate social responsibility is, and should be. A corporation is a legal entity, but without the people that run it, a corporation is nothing.

Thus, a corporation being a legal entity rather than a living entity -- the apparent exception to this reality in the United States notwithstanding -- a corporation cannot make decisions. It has no ability to conceive of anything, to have ethics, or indeed even to behave. In that sense, the idea of corporate social responsibility is an absurdity. A corporation has no greater capacity to make an ethical…… [Read More]. Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropic Foundations.

Who is governing whom? Executives, governance, and the structure of generosity in large U. Strategic Management Journal, The example that the researchers give of such a structure is the corporate foundation, which is commonly directly managed by a group of corporate leaders for philanthropic purposes.

However, the structure of the corporate foundation allows leaders to exercise influence that in a different corporate structure would be far less possible or even welcomed by the variety of shareholders and stakeholders involved.

The determining factors of what allows one corporate entity to achieve specific aims within its philanthropic organization are what the study seeks to identify. The study looks for correlation between variables and outcomes in this respect. The secondary…… [Read More]. Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Marketing. CS and Green Marketing Green Marketing and Corporate Social esponsibility This essay examines green marketing and corporate social responsibility practices.

In particular, the paper examines the practice of greenwashing, and discusses companies' willingness to exploit green marketing for competitive advantage. The essay also reviews the legitimate use of green marketing as a means of promoting responsible environmental stewardship. Green marketing involves the promotion of products that are marketed as being environmentally safe or beneficial. The practice had its beginnings in Europe in the early s when certain products were found to be harmful to the earth's atmosphere.

As a result, new types of products were created, called green products, which were less damaging to the environment. The green product movement grew quickly in the United States and has continued growing steadily ever since Green Marketing, Also known as sustainable marketing, environmental marketing, and ecological marketing, green marketing consists of…… [Read More].

Corporate Social Responsibility in Action. And if that doesn't work, he should conduct some ground-level research, which will be spelled out in this paper. He not only should work diligently and professionally towards presenting his case -- that the company should avoid dumping waste into the Dutch Valley River -- because it's the river he loves. He should press his case because it's the right thing to do for the environment and because ultimately, if his work is successful, it would show that Chem-Tech is a corporately responsible organization.

So, Nathan should follow the first choice in Case 1; he should not be a passive bystander. He should begin his quest to save the river by researching applicable laws The Clean ater Act , and he should research those regulatory agencies that have loosened requirements on dumping…… [Read More].

Bowen and Carroll Howard R. Bowen was the founder of the concept of corporate social responsibility. In his book "ocial Responsibility of the Businessman," Bowen argued that business was a major force that touched the lives of numerous individuals.

These included not only employees of the firm but also their families, acquaintances, and so forth. The larger the firm, therefore, the more corporate responsibility, accordingly the industry had in regards to the decisions that it formulated.

Corporate Social esponsibility The author of this report has been asked to do a critical review of the subject that has come to be known as corporate social responsibility, or CS for short. The primary focal point that will be distinctive in this report is the comparison and contrasting between the marketing and human resources departments when it comes to corporate social responsibility practices and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The reason for this compare and contrast is to critically evaluate whether corporate social responsibility can be used as a marketing tool or not or whether it is typically a net drain on the bottom line. The discussion of this subject will include all sorts of academic faire including academic theories, academic models, research and case studies. Nhs Corporate Social Responsibility Practice in a.

NHS Corporate Social esponsibility Practice In a contemporary business environment, organizations are struggling with the new roles to meet the needs of present generation without compromising the needs of future generation.

Within a business environment, stakeholders are calling upon corporate organizations to implement operations that will meet the societal values and the natural environment. Organizations are also being called upon to apply principles of corpo-rate social responsibility CS in the business operations. Corpo-rate social responsibility CS is the process where corporate organizations demonstrate the inclusion of social responsibility and environmental concerns in their business activities.

It is no longer acceptable for a firm to conduct business without demonstrating societal concern. Explain how you agree or disagree with this question and why you have this perspective. More and more organizations are making social responsibility a primary feature of their websites and the ways in which they market themselves to consumers.

Starbucks promotes its sale of Fair Trade coffee; the Interface carpet company has a zero-impact model of sustainability. This can generate good publicity for the company or in some instances real cost savings. Thus, exploring issues of social responsibility and stressing the need to give back to the community as well as register short-term profits is useful.

Sometimes social responsibility can yield long-term dividends, like Toyota's highly successful hybrid the Prius. However, ultimately a company must remain in business if it is to do any kind of good at all: Ultimately, for a…… [Read More]. This kind of competition can prove to be more effective than governmental regulations since firms are reluctant to follow government mandates. Secondary research has been used as the main tool.

Important journal articles, case studies and analyses have been included to understand the concept of CS and its use in gain competitive advantage. According to this belief, firms seek to maximize their profits by investing in a healthy environment and other public good projects. The firms that have successfully attained the prestigious image of being socially responsible follow this ideology.

These firms choose to be more socially conscious not because of any real intention of creating a healthier society but because their actions seem to influence buyer behavior in a positive manner.

Companies are thus rapidly developing serious CS policies with exclusive departments dealing with this. Since this study was published, the contributions have steadily increased making CS an integral part of every major company today. A report by Price Water Cooper House in shows that the CS initiatives and reporting has increased despite the sagging economy and this points to a positive change in the mindset of the management of companies.

The reduced role of the Government in business circles is only going to further increase this trend because companies feel they have an obligation to the society at large and they want to make this country a better place for living. All this is done out of their own interest and initiative rather than any force by any external institution.

Also, many companies understand the significance…… [Read More]. Public Relation Corporate Social Responsibility. Public elations Corporate social responsibility The term 'Corporate Social esponsibility' refers to the social responsibility that a Company must honor towards the public, especially those people who have direct contact with and are therefore directly affected by the policies and actions of the company. The feeling that the social responsibility of multi-national companies are not of such standards that would satisfy the general public has lead to widespread protests and demonstrations against these companies at almost every free-trade meeting at the regional and national as well as the multi-national levels.

The protests are also generally against worldwide globalization. Almost all major multinational companies are found lacking in their responsibilities towards the public. It is not at all sufficient for a company to satisfy its shareholders and investors and employees and the community in which they function from; in fact, these companies are expected to be aware of and take an…… [Read More]. It is often said that international environmental laws do not differ from one another.

European environmental regulations are very similar to the U. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has set up a database that contains all of the contaminated lands in the U. This database includes existing and formerly contaminated lands. The European Union, especially France has also put into place databases to track existing and formerly contaminated lands within France. These efforts are there to protect the public from coming into contact with contaminated lands.

International governmental environmental policies do not differ from one another in the fact that they all seek to protect the public and the organizations The Impact of…… [Read More]. Summary One of the most significant new marketing platforms to emerge in recent years has been social media in general and more recently, interactive social media. The overarching focus of the proposed study concerns the role of interactive social media in corporate social responsibility CSR communications.

This specific focus has assumed new importance and relevance as growing numbers of…… [Read More]. Organization Corporate Social esponsibility CS refers to the relationship between a business and the society and how can both can benefit mutually through a joint partnership.

Caroll suggests four different aspects to be a part of CS and they are economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic. The economic aspect is the basis on which the business is built while legal responsibilities are encoded in law.

Ethical responsibilities include doing what is right and just and above everything, philanthropic responsibilities include being a good corporate citizen and doing something good to the society and environment that has nurtured the business. In this discussion, the CS activities of two companies in the same sector are analyzed.

A close analysis reveals…… [Read More]. CS in Saudi Firms Corporate Social esponsibility eferences to corporate social responsibility CS reportedly occurred numerous times before the s, however, in regard to CS definitions, that particular decade birthed the "modern era. According to Carrol, Bowen initially defined the social responsibilities of businessmen; explaining that the concept relates to the obligations businessmen have to pursue particular policies, to make deliberate desirable decisions, "or to follow those lines of action which are desirable in terms of the objectives and values of our society" Bowen as cited in Carroll, p.

During the s, the "Iron Law of esponsibility," held that "social responsibilities of businessmen need to be commensurate with their social power" Davis, as cited in Carroll, p. Davis and others during this decade, however, did not include specific details regarding the…… [Read More]. The activities of businesses affect different stakeholders within the communities they operate in. They affect customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, financiers, regulatory authorities, and communities.

Accordingly, in their pursuit of economic objectives, business organizations have a responsibility to satisfy the concerns of stakeholders affected by their operations. This is the core of corporate social responsibility CSR. CSR theory asserts that business organizations exist for not only profit motives, but also social and environmental objectives Schwartz, Indeed, CSR has become so that important governments in most countries around the world have enacted laws and regulations that businesses must adhere to so as to foster community wellbeing and environmental sustainability.

Inattention to social and environmental concerns may harm an organization's public reputation or have serious legal ramifications on the organization. Modern Corporate Social Responsibility. Disability as Diversity People who are disabled very much face an uphill climb when it comes to surviving and thriving in the workplace.

While much of the overall outlook is grim, a strong organizational culture that is installed and enforced properly via the following of social justice and similar principles can be a tool to make the disabled workers feel more welcome rather than as an outcast or someone that is not as worthy or capable.

Analysis One seminal work on the matter noted in the introduction that shall be covered in-depth in this report is that of Spataro. When it comes to organizational…… [Read More]. Business Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate. Any business that pursues making a profit at the expense of the society in which it operates will find its success to be nothing more than temporary Chapter 1: Corporate Social esponsibility and Business Sustainability, n.

The idea of Corporate Social esponsibility CS is generally understood to imply that corporations have an amount of responsibility not only for the economic consequences of their activities, but also for the social and environmental implications.

This is often called the triple bottom line approach. This approach takes into consideration the economic, social and environmental aspects of corporate activities.

Human rights are significant to the economic, social and environmental aspects of all corporate activity. Labor rights that require companies to pay fair wages influence…… [Read More].

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility. Ethical esponsibility of Corporate America Many organizations strive to increase their profit margins by doing everything possible including unethical practices to increase their revenues. Nevertheless, the past three decades have seen some organizations embracing CS Corporate Social responsibility. This idea has become significantly important to almost every organization that seeks to increase revenues. Corporate social responsibility is also referred to as community responsibility, stewardship, corporate sustainability, corporate responsibility, accountability and corporate ethics among others.

In essence, CS enable organizations to bring in people and the environment into their decisions, strategies and plans Anyango Ooko, In this paper, the use of the term corporate social responsibility will mean a set of actions by enterprises that are geared towards meeting the legal, ethical, economic, and discretional responsibilities that the stakeholders expect them to fulfill. They should undertake the economic obligations of producing profits, and meeting the consumption requirements of the people;…… [Read More].

Management - Corporate Social Responsibilities. But despite of this, a certain level of accommodation continues to exist. Defense The accusations brought to the supermarket chain are endless and they are likely to continue in the future as well. But the company has fought hard to counteract the harmful effects. Their best defense has been built on arguments such as: These include environmental protection, economic development, and social responsibility MacNealy, Summary and Future esearch ecommendations Procter and Gamble's commitment to sustainability has been shown by its development of new products.

Product development is geared towards the preponderance of consumers who would like to improve sustainability outcomes without comprising value or quality. During , Procter and Gamble was able to diminish packaging waste by changing many of their standard carton packaging to a fully recyclable seal tight plastic material packaging. Environmental forces disclosed by Procter and Gamble have included water usage, energy usage, carbon emissions and total waste.

The company has reported that energy use at its household care plant…… [Read More]. The case discusses instances when professionals lost their jobs when stepping forward to report others fur unethical conduct.

There is evidence that the hospital has covered up several instances of fraud and attempted to remove those that reported wrongdoing. The Health Secretary, Stephen Dorrell has reported that an investigation will be conducted to review the actions against whistleblowers Lakhani, There are many health colleagues who have come to the aid of those facing unemployment and blacklisting as a result of stepping up.

These health professionals are adamant in getting compensation and protection through NHS or the Strategic Health Alliance for histleblowers. That is health professionals willing to put themselves on the line to protect patients and expose gross neglect and waste of taxpayers money Lakhani, Business Ethics Corporate Social Responsibility and the.

Company A manufactures chemical products and has been on the receiving end of criticism and public outcry for the air and water pollution caused by its chemical manufacturing plant.

Due to increased pressure, Company A devises a strategy to start a project that will enable all farmers in the neighboring areas to get clean water in an effort to give back to the community and reduce bad publicity.

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Essay on “Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics” Type of paper: Essays Subject: Business Words: Social responsibility is an idea that has been of concern to mankind for many years.

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A key point of CSR is that it recognises the responsibility that companies have to take into account of those impacts. CSR is a framework for thinking about business ethics, making ethical decisions and working within the law, it says a company responsibilities reach further than just making a profit.

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Social responsibility is defined as a business firm's obligation, beyond that required by the law and economics, to pursue long time goals that are good for society. Over the decades, there have been numerous controversial reports of social and ethical issues business organizations faced. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulatory mechanism incorporated by corporations in their business model. The term CSR is also used for activities carried out by companies around the globe to give back to the society.

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- Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an idea that has expanded over time so its meaning and definition is somewhat vague. Votaw (), as quoted by Carroll (), summarizes the difficulties of giving a definition of CSR when he notes that: The term [social responsibility] is a brilliant one; it means something, but not always the same thing, to everybody. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept whereby organizations consider the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the environment in all aspects of their operations.