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Easy scholarships that are no-brainers

Scholarships with No Essays and No Essay Contests

❶February 9 Maximum Award: For a few years, we have listed College Prowler as a source for about four scholarships.

10 Words or Less Scholarship

$10,000 CollegeXpress Scholarship Contest
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To compete for the award, applicants must explain in words why they think they deserve the scholarship. Students compete for the scholarship by writing a short essay , words addressing a prompt related to cancer treatment. When it comes to easy applications, you can't get much easier than the following scholarship programs. You'll still have to submit some information about yourself and, in some instances, complete some brief activities or tasks , but you won't have to write any essays to qualify.

Submissions that get the most votes win prizes, so be sure to recruit your friends to vote for you! Students qualify by simply writing and submitting up to three original haikus. Winners are randomly selected, and you can submit a new application every month. Do you have a creative side and an eye for fashion? Applicants can enter as individuals or as part of a couple. Check out the website for fun pictures of past winners!

As the name suggests, this quarterly award is for student-athletes who plan to attend a four-year college or university. To qualify, applicants must submit some basic info about their sport and GPA. Easy scholarships to apply for aren't necessarily the same as easy scholarships to win.

Here are some strategies to help you submit your best applications possible:. These scholarships are excellent options if you want to churn out as many applications as possible. As you might've noticed, though, the award amounts are a bit underwhelming though keep in mind that several smaller awards can be just as helpful as one big award! You'll have to spend more time on your applications if you're gunning for a top scholarship, but the payoff can be more than worth it.

We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:. Francesca graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and scored in the 99th percentile on the SATs. She's worked with many students on SAT prep and college counseling, and loves helping students capitalize on their strengths. You should definitely follow us on social media.

You'll get updates on our latest articles right on your feed. Follow us on all 3 of our social networks:. How to Get a Perfect , by a Perfect Scorer. Score on SAT Math. Score on SAT Reading. Score on SAT Writing. What ACT target score should you be aiming for? The 11 Easiest Scholarships to Apply For.

Posted by Francesca Fulciniti Aug 20, 6: Here are some things to look out for: A scholarship application that asks for personal information that isn't relevant to the award: If you're ever uncomfortable providing personal info for a scholarship program, dig deeper. Can you verify that the program is legitimate?

Does it have its own website, or can you only find info about it through a third party? Try Googling "[award name] scam" to see whether anything suspicious pops up.

Scholarship programs are in the business of giving money to students, not taking it. Of course we need to include our scholarship. For filling out a form. This scholarship is open to incoming college freshmen, graduate students, and transfer students at participating institutions.

Basically, you just need to explain—in 10 words or fewer—why you should get this scholarship. In addition, you need to be between the ages of 14—25 and attending college in the fall. April 1 How to win: To win this scholarship, you need to read about automatic fire sprinkler systems and take a question quiz about the material. This award is only open to high school seniors on their way to an accredited two- or four-year school in the fall.

Ten scholarships are available each year—which means you have 10 chances to win! December 1 How to win: Every year the Fleet Reserve Association awards a scholarship based on a single patriotic theme.

This scholarship is also open to students in grades 7— December 3 How to win: And if you can create a thoughtful video, no longer than three minutes, about bicycle safety tips, you could win this scholarship.

You also need to be a current college student or high school senior already accepted to a college or trade school. May 31 How to win: You need to be at least 17 years old and a US citizen, and you need to be attending school within the next 12 months. The only application requirements include a short form and a word mini essay. Last day of the month How to win: Register with Cappex to win.

Chegg posts their scholarship question every month. They say it takes two minutes to apply. Just create an account with this Christian college search site. You need to complete the registration form for The Christian College Connector. You need to be registered with the site and visit five college pages whichever schools you like over the course of the month to be entered.

For every person who creates a free CollegeXpress account using your unique referral link, you get one entry in this monthly scholarship drawing.

Winners are then chosen at random. Varies How to win: Umm, nerdy trivia and money for college? Where do we sign up?!?! The Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation offers a lot of quizzes on topics from academic subjects to movies. May 4, How to win: This monthly award goes out to high school juniors, seniors, and college students with a minimum 2.

And the only thing you need to do to win is submit a short word essay about why you deserve the money. Course Hero gives away some serious scholarship dollars every month. March 1 How to win: Put your skills to work by creating a winning greeting card image!

To apply to this scholarship, you also need to be a US citizen and at least 14 years old. January 31, How to win: Plus, you can earn bonus entries by sharing the giveaway on social media. Ten winners will be chosen at random on select dates.

You also need to be a high school or college student at least 16 years old, and you have to go to an eligible college or university although parents of eligible students can also enter on their behalf. And they move pretty quickly, with many lasting only a month.

But, man, they are fun, creative, and fast. You typically sign up, complete a simple task, and upload a picture proving you did it. Then the winners are chosen at random.

No essay, GPA, etc. These scholarships help you do some good in the world! So check the easy scholarships page at DoSomething. Typically in October How to win: Next, get your friends to vote for your entry.

Then comes the crazy part: Talk about the big show. December 31 How to win: You need to be at least 16 years old and a high school senior or current college or grad student with a minimum 3. You just need to contact your college or university and ask them about it. June 30, How to win: Just register with NextStepU.

This year it runs from January 1 to June Typically in March How to win: Fifty dollars may not seem like much against your college tuition payments, but every little bit helps, and this is a pretty fun and fast scholarship. High school students in any grade can submit up to three haikus.

A panel of judges then picks several winners each year. Just create a free profile with Niche. And if you already have one, all you need to do is log in each month for a chance to win! One winner is chosen at random every month.

The contest is open to all high school and college students though there are other eligibility requirements. The money can be applied toward any education-related expenses.

Twice a year Deadline: March 30; September 30 How to win: Okay, this might not seem like the simplest scholarship in the world, because you technically have to write two essays. But they both call for a maximum of words. The first essay is about where you would go to further your career, and the second is about why you deserve to win the scholarship.

You also need to be between the ages of 16—25 and have at least a 2.

Caveat: If a Scholarship Seems Too Good to Be True ...

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No Essay Scholarships January 19, by Susan Dutca Not all scholarships are awarded to the best writers with the strongest essays. Niche's $2, "No Essay" College Scholarship. Deadline: January 31 Maximum Award: $2,'s Register & Win $ Scholarship. Deadline: January

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Looking for quick and easy scholarships to apply for? This list has 12 options, plus tips for how to win them. I'll start off with some words of warning before getting into the good stuff: essay and no-essay scholarships that are so easy to apply for, For the scholarship.

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Easy scholarships that are no-brainers By Tamara 05/29/ What about writing those boring scholarship essays where you have to explain why you deserve the award or who you are going to be in ten years? Well, you’re in luck. Today is No-Brainer Day, which means you get to relax and put very little thought into everything you do. However, for now, here is a short list of college scholarships where no essay is required. NextStepU Win Free Tuition Scholarship (NO ESSAY) NextStepU offers two different main scholarships. One requires an essay, but this one does not. or enrolled to begin higher education studies in the fall semester Applicants must be .

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No Essay Scholarships My main reason for applying to these scholarships was this: NO ESSAYS. "I chose to focus on scholarships for women because for many years women were seen as lesser than men. An essay of less than 1, words is required on a topic designated on the website. The current essay topic is "Describe the three characteristics of leadership you value most. Discuss why you believe that these traits are so important and how you feel that they are developed in an individual.". New - scholarship information will.