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Resume for teenagers

Ready to build a strong resume?

❶For example, your resume could include any of the following:.


Best Resume Format for Teens
Your First Job Resume: What It Is and Why You Need It

You can use short paragraphs or bullet points to explain experience, but you should keep the method you use consistent throughout. If you explain your duties for one job in paragraph form, all your job duties should be listed that way. Make sure any choices you make about highlighting words are consistent. For example, say you choose to list one of your jobs like this: For the remainder of your resume, you should have your job titles in bold and the name of your workplaces in italics.

Font size and spacing should also be unified throughout. For example, you can always use size 12 font to list a job title, and size 10 for your place of work and job descriptions. Keep your resume to a single page. In general, your resume should not go over a single page.

Sometimes, people who've been in the same field long term may have a lengthier resume that goes over a single page but as a teen you're likely just starting out in the industry so you should keep you resume to a page. You need to choose a format for your resume. Resumes are designed in a variety of ways and there are no hard and fast rules for formatting. However, any choice you make should be easy to read for potential employers.

All resumes should include a heading at the top that includes your name and basic contact information. The text here should be bigger than the other text on the page. Resume fonts should be professional in appearance and easy to read. Overly flashy, cursive fonts are a bad idea for resumes. You can add color to headings like "Experience," "Education," and "Additional Skills. Avoid difficult to read shades, like yellows, or flashy, neon colors like lime greens and hot pinks.

Some resumes, especially if you work in a creative field, may use more creative formatting. Browsing creative resumes on Pinterest and Flickr can give you ideas of a unique format. However, you should strive to keep your resume readable and professional above anything else. Also, as a teen you may be lacking experience and a potential employer may look more harshly on a creatively designed resume as they may see it as a way to hide a small work history.

Add basic contact information. All resumes should include certain basic contact information. Make sure you include the following information somewhere near the top of your resume: Include your name, which should be written in larger print than other parts of the resume. You want your name to be somewhere at the top of the page, serving as a header above the other text. Use a professional sounding e-mail, that uses your full name instead of a nickname or something informal. You should also make sure any voice mail greetings you have on your phone are professional in case you miss a call regarding a job.

While objectives are getting less and less popular for resumes, if you're a teen it's still a good idea to include a few sentences about your career goals. An objective should come in the form of a 2 to 3 line paragraph that states what you want to do professional and why you would be good at it. Avoid statements like, "My goal is to obtain a position in my chosen field.

I want to use my skills and education to further my experience. I am a hard worker. Ask yourself, "What are my specific skills? What can I bring to this position? A good objective for that job would be something like, "I am a longtime campaign volunteer with 3 years of experience with campaign work.

I am looking to break into a political career path by furthering my experience with fundraising, advertising, and general campaign management. Include your educational level. As teens frequently have little experience beyond their high school education, include a section outlining our education on the top of your resume.

Start with your most recent school and work your way back. However, you should not go all the way back to elementary school. Just list your college, if you're enrolled, and your high school education. Things like the honors roll, honors college, or Dean's list speak to a strong work ethic. You can use the space for more impressive details in your teenage resume.

Want your teenager resume to turn some heads? Maybe you just did yard work for your parents every Sunday? Even that can work on a teenager resume. That is not how to put babysitting on a resume. You should list babysitting achievements that fit the job. Even a couple days of volunteer work are a solid teen resume builder that will supersize shrimpy resumes. Want still more teenage resume samples? Need to know how to make a resume with no experience? They all claim to be the best choice for the job.

A long skills list with no proof is like handing in a blank test sheet. That resume for teens example will make the manager start mouth-breathing. Add job-specific skills like coding or graphic design.

Soft skills transfer well to teenager jobs. A recent study shows the skills employers love most:. Prove your hard skills too. A good skills list is a must on any resume for teens. Want more options to make the hiring manager start looking for your contact info? Keep your resume to one page , and just list things that fit the job. This guide provides exactly what you need: So, use her name. How to Address a Cover Letter: Listen, we get it. But writing one will make your teenager resume stand out!

Earning my Eagle Scout Rank was hard, but worth it. I developed several qualities I think would make me a great waiter at Last Unicorn Restaurant. My Eagle Scout Project fed 40 homeless people, along with Last, end your cover letter with an offer.

A nudge a few days after you send your teen resume and cover letter can put you on the map at the right time. Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. Here's what it may look like:.

Need more detailed info to write the perfect teenage cover letter with no experience? This guide has your back: Remember these key steps to write the best teen resume that lands you the job fast:. When you are done, head on over to Jobs for Teens: Do you have questions on how to write a great resume for a teen?

Not sure how to describe your skills or achievements? Give us a shout in the comments! Make sure the skills are relevant to the job you want.

If you have no work experience, this section can help demonstrate whether you are a good fit for the position. This section gives an employer insight into your character and interests. Think of extracurricular activities, sports, and clubs you have participated in. Taking a lead role in a school play? You are probably creative. You might be a good team player. These are qualities that employers are looking for. Some examples of school activities that could look good on a resume include:.

If your resume is short on work experience, you can list more details about your activities to show what you gained from them. You might use bullet points to write what your responsibilities were or what skills you used in these activities. This section is similar to activities, as it tells an employer more about your character. Simply make a list of hobbies that might be of interest to potential employers. Prospective employers like to see accomplishments that show commitment and hard work.

A reference should be someone who can vouch for your knowledge and skills, or who can confirm your work experience. Your teachers, coaches, or former employers can be good references. Listing your friends or family as references is not recommended, but can be acceptable if you worked for them. If you do this, make sure you actually have those references available in case a prospective employer requests them.

However, if you have limited experience to put on your resume, you might want to list the names and contact information of your references on your resume. These teen resume samples will make getting started easy. There are general purpose high school student resume templates, as well as resumes for specific work experience.

These samples will guide you with a professional resume format and a basic idea of what to write. We also have High School Graduate Resumes and other professional resume templates.

Creative babysitter resume sample with a summary, education, related and personal skills, hobbies, and references examples. Another multi-purpose sample, with blue header theme. Includes customer work and volunteer experience. Resume sample for students who would like to promote tutoring services to other students or student's parents.

Generic resume sample for part-time grocery store job. Can be easily modified for similar positions in different stores.

Elegant resume for server or host position in a restaurant. Can also be used for kitchen help, cook help, busser, etc. Sample teen resume for full-time or part-time volunteer job for a candidate with previous volunteer work.

Professional sample for a food delivery position.

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Are you a teenager struggling to write your resume? Use this resume example for a part-time job to create your own resume. Looking at examples can help you decide what kind of content you should include, as well as how to format your resume. Choose a simple, standard format. It should be easy to read and look like a professional document.

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Jun 12,  · How to Create a Resume for a Teenager. Seeking employment can be an exciting but anxious time for a teen, especially if it's a teenager's first job. Online, you can find lists of resume buzzwords that will help up your chances of getting the job you want. Things like classified, analyzed, facilitated, collected, assessed 84%().

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Free High School Student Resume Templates for Teens. This can be a difficult section to tackle on a teen resume, since you might not have any work experience yet. Don’t worry though. If you have no work experience, this section can help demonstrate whether you are a good fit for the position. Here's the good news: You probably have more information to put on your resume than you think. Experiences like babysitting, lawn mowing, and volunteering all help to show valuable work skills that employers want to see.

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Mar 29,  · The perfect sample teen resume and templates you'll (more than 20!) Read our guide on how to write a resume for teens. It features and examples for teenagers to learn from and expert tips that will make any adolescent's resume look like a pro's. Plus, we'll show you the perfect resume /5(23). Sep 06,  · A lack of job experience doesn't mean a lack of work experience. If you are a teenager looking for your first payroll job, punch up your resume by focusing on your strengths, whatever they may be. Plenty of your high school experiences, from academic achievements to volunteer work to extracurricular.