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Essay on Emotions: Definition, Characteristics and Importance

Emotion and Conflict

❶There is a negative connection between the upsurge of emotions and intelligence.

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Thoughts vs Emotions

I think of thought processes as strings of symbols like sentences. They start, have a middle and come to an end. Paragraphs are to me a little like a single thought process. If I am trying to make a point, I will start, say some more and then finally reach an end. However, thought processes are full of symbols and words. And those wonderful words and symbols may trigger new emotions. Giving people medicine attempts to interfere with the emotions that are triggered by the words and symbols.

Psycho Education or teaching, and that is what I am doing here, tries to change the thought processes that are kicked off by the emotions.

It also attempts to change the words and symbols those thought processes contain. Behavior Modification often seeks to change the link between a word or a symbol and the emotions that are evoked. This paper will lead you to some interesting places and so let me start with something fun. The simplest of all emotions is the emotion of attraction.

There are lots of words for this emotion but what I want you to do is experience it, now. Just observe yourself and this one dimension of attraction. Now think of attraction as a measurable scale.

Absolute, powerful attraction, is a plus Absolute and powerful feelings of getting away from it are minus Now look around and everything and everyone in your life.

We often gather a lot of high plus score objects to us and put a lot of high negative things in the garbage. This is a feeling. Does anyone have the same scores you have? Welcome to the world of feelings! They are part of you, unique to you, and cannot be wrong! And so here I go with the best definition for feelings or emotions that I can come up with. After I give you this definition I will give three examples that illustrate all parts of the definition. Then I will describe the four prime emotions.

An emotion is an event in your body. A person does not even need to be conscious to have emotions. An emotion is not a figment of the imagination. It is possible to identify what babies feel even before they are born. The primary emotion they feel is pleasure, by the way. Most emotions are chemicals. All emotions act as if they were chemical. The point here is that emotions do not click on and off. And emotion starts, grows bigger and bigger and then may decrease until finally it ends.

The question is never are you angry or not angry — yes or no. The question is how angry are you. How angry are you now? As I mentioned in the simple emotion of attraction, I find it useful to put a number on the level of an emotion. I think of five as maximum. Now I am just a bit nervous, perhaps a 1. A decrease in intensity is often called a release or is spoke of as relief. Remember this for later. There is a component of awareness that comes with emotions. One can be completely unaware of an emotion ripping through the body.

Or one can be unaware until an emotion reaches a certain level of intensity. Or some even can bring an emotion to your awareness. Some people are almost completely unaware of their own emotions. Some are exquisitely sensitive.

One confusion about emotions is the difference between the emotion as an event, and the emotion as an experience. It is possible for an emotion to begin at one time and to start affecting your behavior while you are still not aware of it. At some point you become aware of the emotion and at that point your subjective awareness begins. That awareness may continue until the level of that emotion is quite a bit lower.

Then the event may continue for a bit after you are no longer aware. If I ask you about your experience and I measure your emotional experience, reports may be quite different. Another very difficult problem is that I can be having an emotion, I can be displaying signs of that emotion, others can observe these signs, and I can be completely unaware. Others may be much more aware of my feelings than I am.

In many ways I am an open book about some of my emotions. I can try to keep them hidden, but feelings can be hard to hide. When we speak about emotions, really we are reporting on them. We are labeling what we are feeling. And we can mislabel feelings quite easily. When my professor asked me to describe an emotion and when I could not, he handed me a large list of words people have used for emotions. I found this quite useful and include this list at the end of this chapter.

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In the following pages, three options will be presented—you may focus on either language development,… Behavior Observation Other. Motivation and Emotion Worksheet Discuss the following as a team and provide a brief summary of the each discussion. The first being instincts which are the patterns… Emotional intelligence Lifestyle Management Motivation. Belonging Essay Text One: Following the life of an Eurasian teenager named Leah and her… Adolescence.

Shutter Island Discuss the techniques that Scorsese uses in order to create and maintain suspense and mystery throughout. Driving whilst under the influence of drink is a… Drunk driving Health care. Emotion is an affective experience that one undergoes during an instinctive excitement. For example, when a child perceives a bull coming towards him cognition he experiences an affective experience in the form of the arousal of accompanied emotion of fear and consequently tries to run away.

McDougall discovered 14 basic instincts and concluded that each and every emotion, whatever it may be is the product of some instinctive behaviour. On the basis of these definitions, emotions can be understood as some sort of feelings or affective experiences which are characterized by some physiological changes that generally lead them to perform some or the other types of behavioural acts. Every emotional experience is associated with one or the other innate instinct.

An emotion is aroused under the influence of an instinctive excitement. One can experience emotion of anger only after riding on the instinctive waves of pugnacity or combat.

Perception of a proper stimulus object or situation is needed to start an emotional experience. The organic changes within the body favourable or unfavourable then, may intensify the emotional experience. Every emotional experience involves many physical and physiological changes in the organism.

Some of the changes which express themselves as overt behaviour are easily observable. For example, the heart beating, reddened eyes, flushed cheeks, choke in the voice, or an attack on an emotion aroused stimulus.

In addition to these easily observable changes, there are internal physiological changes, e. Actually every emotional experience, whatever it may be involves feelings—a sense of response aroused in the heart. Feeling and emotions—both are affective experiences. There is only the difference of degrees. After perceiving a thing or a situation, pleasure or displeasure feelings can be aroused. There may be some intensity or degree of strength in these feelings. Emotions rise abruptly but subside slowly.

An emotion once aroused, tends to persist and leaves behind an emotional need. There is a negative connection between the upsurge of emotions and intelligence.

Reasoning and sharp intellect can check sudden upsurge of emotions. Also under emotional experiences, the reasoning and thinking powers are decreased. Emotions have the quality of displacement. The anger aroused on account of one stimulus gets transferred to another situation. The anger resulting from being rebuked by the boss gets transferred to beat the children at home.

The pleasant emotions like affection love , amusement, curiosity and happiness which are very helpful and essential for normal development are termed as positive emotions. By their nature of being both positive and negative, it should not be assumed that all the positive emotions are always good; and the negative emotions are bad.

While weighing their impact, other factors like frequency and intensity, nature of situations and the stimuli aroused should also be considered. Excess of everything is bad.

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Every organization has its own serene environment where it conducts the day to day operations of the company regardless of the products it manufactures. For. In this article we will discuss about: 1. Meaning and Definitions of Emotions 2. Characteristics of Emotions 3. Kinds 4. Importance 5. Theories. Meaning and Definitions of Emotions: Emotion plays a major role in influencing our behaviour. Life would be dreary without feelings like joy and sorrow, excitement and disappointment, love and fear, hope and [ ].