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Analysis of George W. Bush Address to Nation After 9/11 Essay Sample

Analysis of George W. Bush Address to Nation After 9/11 Essay Sample

❶Remarks to the National Restaurant Association.

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Papers of George W. Powell as Secretary of State. The President-Elect's News Conference. Memorandum on Standards of Official Conduct. Proclamation —National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving, Nominations Sent to the Senate. Memorandum from Andrew Card. Remarks at a Reading Roundtable.

Statement to Participants in the March for Life. Memorandum on Restoration of the Mexico City Policy. Statement by the Press Secretary: Restoration of the Mexico City Policy. Paige as Secretary of Education. Remarks at Merritt Extended Elementary School. Statement by the Press Secretary.

Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense. Statement on the Earthquake in India. British Prime Minister to Visit Washington. Attendees at Faith Based Event. The President's Radio Address. O'Neill as Secretary of the Treasury. Remarks at the Fishing School. Remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast. Remarks Announcing the New Freedom Initiative.

Nomination Sent to the Senate. Participants in the New Freedom Initiative Announcement. Evans as Secretary of Commerce. Proclamation —National Consumer Protection Week. Proclamation —American Heart Month, Proclamation —National Burn Awareness Week, Principles for a Bipartisan Patients' Bill of Rights. Mineta as Secretary of Transportation. Statement of Administration Policy: Remarks to the Troops at Fort Stewart, Georgia.

Remarks on the Situation in the Middle East. Remarks to State Department Employees. Republic of Korea President to Visit Washington.

Remarks in a Discussion on Education in Columbus, Ohio. Remarks on the Robert Hanssen Espionage Case. Remarks at Moline Elementary School in St. Remarks at a Tax Family Reunion in St. Statement on the Death of Dale Earnhardt. The President's News Conference. Remarks at the National Governors' Association Conference. Memorandum on the Interagency Working Group on Federalism. Proclamation —American Red Cross Month, Proclamation —Irish-American Heritage Month, Meeting with President Flores of El Salvador.

Egyptian President to Visit Washington. German Chancellor to Visit Washington. Jordanian King to Visit Washington. Memorandum on Racial Profiling. Real Americans Join Mrs. Bush to Watch Speech. Exchange With Reporters in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Remarks in a Discussion on Small Business in Beaver.

Remarks in Omaha, Nebraska. Remarks at a Leadership Forum in Council Bluffs. Proclamation —Fortieth Anniversary of the Peace Corps. Remarks at a Leadership Forum in Atlanta. Proclamation —Women's History Month, Remarks to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Principi as Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Veneman as Secretary of Agriculture. Proclamation —National Poison Prevention Week, Visit by Irish Prime Minister.

Remarks on Arrival in Hampton, Virginia. Remarks at the Christening Ceremony for the U. Ronald Reagan in Newport News, Virginia.

Statement on the Death of James Rhodes. Memorandum on Delegation of Authority. Proclamation —Save Your Vision Week, Proclamation —Greek Independence Day: Daley in Chicago, Illinois. Remarks at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in Chicago. Message on the Observance of Eid al-Adha. O'Neill and an Exchange With Reporters. Remarks to Employees at the Department of the Treasury. Israeli Prime Minister to Visit Washington.

Remarks on Departure for Fargo, North Dakota. Remarks in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Remarks in Lafayette, Louisiana. Visit by Chinese Vice Premier. Japanese Prime Minister to Visit Washington. Notice--Continuation of Iran Emergency. Appointment of the Counterintelligence Executive. Remarks at a Saint Patrick's Day Reception.

Message on the Observance of Saint Patrick's Day, Remarks to Small-Business Owners. Proclamation —National Girl Scout Week, Remarks to Women Business Leaders. Letter to Governor Angus S. Remarks to Catholic Leaders. President Announces Robert D. Blackwill to be Ambassador to India. Proclamation —Education and Sharing Day, U. Chilean President to Visit Washington. Exchange With Reporters in Portland, Maine. Remarks to the Chamber of Commerce in Portland. Remarks at a Celebration of Greek Independence Day.

Statement on the Situation in Macedonia. Remarks to the Community in Billings. Proclamation —Cancer Control Month, Remarks to African American Leaders. Statement on the Situation in the Middle East. Remarks to the National Restaurant Association. Message on the Observance of National Library Week. Remarks at a Leadership Forum in Wilmington, Delaware. President to Visit Poland. Remarks on Presenting the Horatio Alger Awards.

Message on the Observance of Passover. Statement on the Helicopter Crash in Vietnam. Proclamation —Jewish Heritage Week, Bahraini Amir to Visit Washington.

The Budget Message of the President. Remarks to the Community in Greenville, North Carolina. Remarks on Parental Empowerment in Education.

Proclamation —Thomas Jefferson Day, Message on the Observance of Easter. Visit by President Boris Trajkovski of Macedonia. Bush Release Tax Return. Forces in Apprehension of an Indicted War Criminal.

Remarks to the United States Chamber of Commerce. Proclamation —National Volunteer Week, Remarks to the Organization of American States. Proclamation —National Park Week, Remarks on the Observance of the National Days of Remembrance. President to Visit Spain. Remarks on Departure for the Summit of the Americas.

Statement on the Observance of Earth Day. President's Speech at the Summit of the Americas. Tropical Forest Conservation Act. Creating Centers of Excellence for Teacher Training. Caribbean Third Border Initiative. North American Leaders' Statement. Remarks to the Environmental Youth Award Winners. Message on the Observance of Armenian Remembrance Day. Remarks in New Orleans, Louisiana. Remarks on Arrival in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Proclamation —Loyalty Day, President Bush to Nominate Charles J. Swindells to be Ambassdor to New Zealand. Remarks at a Celebration of Reading in Houston, Texas. Israeli President Katsav to Visit Washington. Proclamation —National Day of Prayer, President Issues Disaster Declaration. President Bush to Nominate James W. Ziglar to be Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization. Statement on the Death of Richard M. Memorandum on Certification To Permit U. Contributions to the International Fund for Ireland.

Proclamation —Law Day, U. Remarks at the National Defense University. Message on the Observance of Cinco de Mayo. Memorandum on Energy Conservation at Federal Facilities. Remarks at a National Day of Prayer Reception. Remarks to the American Jewish Committee. Remarks at a Cinco de Mayo Celebration. Proclamation —Older Americans Month, Proclamation —Small Business Week, Remarks to the Council of the Americas Conference.

Remarks at the Electronic Industries Alliance Dinner. Proclamation —National Salvation Army Week, Remarks Announcing Nominations for the Federal Judiciary.

Statement on House of Representatives Action on the Budget. Proclamation —Mother's Day, Remarks Announcing the Nomination of John P. The President's International Trade Agenda. Remarks at the Peace Officers Memorial Service.

Proclamation —National Biotechnology Week. Remarks Announcing the Energy Plan in St. Proclamation —National Safe Boating Week, Remarks on the Observance of Cuban Independence Day. Proclamation —World Trade Week, Proclamation —National Maritime Day, Statement on the 80th Anniversary of the Birth of Andrei Sakharov. Remarks to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Remarks at a Republican National Committee Gala. Proclamation —National Hurricane Awareness Week, Remarks at a Military Reenlistment Ceremony.

Statement by the Press Secretary on the Appointment of Dr. Remarks to the St. Augustine Parish Community in Cleveland, Ohio. Nominations Submitted and Confirmed. Remarks at a Memorial Day Breakfast.

Remarks at Camp Pendleton, California. Remarks at Sequoia National Park, California. The National Parks Legacy Project. Remarks to National Race for the Cure Participants. Statement on the Death of King Birenda of Nepal. Proclamation —National Child's Day, Remarks at Everglades National Park, Florida.

Remarks to Habitat for Humanity Supporters in Tampa. Statement on a Multilateral Initiative on Steel. Remarks to the Fourth National Summit on Fatherhood. Proclamation —Asiatic Fleet Memorial Day. Statement on the Trade Agreement With Vietnam.

Message to the Congress on Trade With Vietnam. Background on the U. Remarks on the Execution of Timothy McVeigh. Remarks on Global Climate Change. Proclamation —Great Outdoors Week, Joint Statement by President George W. Bush and President Jose Maria Aznar. Exchange With Reporters in Brussels. Bush and President Aleksander Kwasniewski. Address at Warsaw University.

Proclamation —Father's Day, Powell and an Exchange With Reporters. Remarks to Agricultural Leaders. Remarks at the Summit on the 21st Century Workforce. Remarks to the Business Roundtable. Executive Order —21st Century Workforce Initiative. Videotaped Remarks in a Tribute to Tommy G. Remarks at a Ceremony Honoring Presidential Scholars. Bush and President Thabo Mbeki. Remarks at the President's Dinner. Remarks to Department of Energy Employees.

Joint Statement by Presidents George W. White House Energy Savings Plan. Remarks at a Black Music Month Celebration. Proclamation —Black Music Month, Bush and Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi: Partnership for Security and Prosperity.

Statement by the Deputy Press Secretary. Exchange With Reporters at the Jefferson Memorial. Message on the Observance of Independence Day, Remarks on the Nomination of Robert S. Mueller to be Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Nomination of Robert S. Statement on the Death of Heinz C. Remarks to America's Promise Participants.

Memorandum on Implementing Government Reform. Meeting and Remarks on Patient's Bill of Rights. President Intends to Nominate Robert V. Remarks on Medicare Reform. Proclamation —Captive Nations Week, Toward a Democratic Cuba. Statement on Climate Change Review Initiatives. Action on Climate Change Review Initiatives. Remarks at the World Bank. Interview With Foreign Journalists. Statement on the Death of Katharine Graham.

President Bush Nominates Earl N. Phillips To be Ambassador to Barbados. Exchange With Reporters in London, England. Remarks on Departure From Oxford, England. Proclamation —Parents' Day Putin on Upcoming Consultations on Strategic Issues.

Bush and President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Statement on the Balkans. Statement on the Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act of Presidential Delegation to Peruvian Inauguration. Notice--Continuation of Iraqi Emergency.

Remarks to the National Urban League Conference. Statement on Northern Ireland. Remarks on Patients' Bill of Rights Legislation. Statement on Bringing War Criminals to Justice. President Supportive of Bipartisan Medicare Legislation. Summary of the President's Physical Examination. Exchange With Reporters in Waco, Texas. Statement by the Deputy Press Secretary: Ambassador Robert Zoellick to Indonesia. Exchange With Reporters in Waco.

Exchange With Reporters in Crawford, Texas. Statement on the Death of Maureen Reagan. Address to the Nation on Stem Cell Research. Statement on the Terrorist Bombing in Jerusalem. Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Exchange With Reporters in Crawford. Exchange With Reporters in Meridian, Texas. On Signature of a Political Settlement in Macedonia. Remarks to the Hispano Chamber of Commerce in Albuquerque.

President of Indonesia to Visit Washington. Statement on the Death of Representative Floyd Spence. Statement on the Floods in Thailand. Memorandum on a Military Drawdown for Tunisia. Updated Implementation of the Patten Report. The President's News Conference in Crawford.

Proclamation —Women's Equality Day, Georgian President Shevardnadze to Visit Washington. Message on the Observance of Labor Day, What's New on the White House Website. Labor Day Greeting to the Nation. Remarks at a Teamsters Barbecue in Detroit, Michigan. Fact Sheet on Binational Commission. Fact Sheet on U. Fact Sheet on Law Enforcement Cooperation. Fact Sheet on Migration. Fact Sheet on Binational Institutions.

The terrorists, affiliated with Al Qaeda, were led by Osama bin Laden. On September 20th, nine days after the attack on the country, President George W. Bush addressed Congress with an impromptu State of the Union address. In this oration, Bush uses excessive amounts of pathos, which, when combined with multiple anaphoras and an urgently imperative tone, creates a product that reaches out to the American people as a whole in a call for not only remembrance, but action.

Bush presented his information in a well-organized style that was punctuated with questions and answers. This served to give the President a more conversational tone, and made the tense audience much more relaxed. The questions were well chosen, as they allowed the President to steer the speech in a direction that would justify immediate action, as apposed to a more reserved, cautious approach. We will write a custom essay sample on Analysis of George W.

Bush incriminated bin Laden and his cohorts of Al-Qaeda, and gave some statistics about the fatalities of the act of terrorism.

These numbers had a dual purpose. The first, and most obvious, was the simple dissemination of information to the American public. The other, which would help Bush himself, was to evoke feelings of sympathy, sorrow, and most importantly horror in the common man. Once the average citizen was won over, usually using pathos, it would be a simple task for Bush to win over Congress. For instance, he spoke of a passenger that help to rush the terrorists on the plane that crashed in Somerset County, a man named Todd Beamer.

Using these names helps to personify the sorrow that the nation was feeling, Bush was able to focus these feelings into an energy which he could, and did, use. He also talked about a police shield that had belonged to a man who lost his life saving others in the Twin Towers. Children conjure up thoughts of innocence, which is well used in his quote: By mentioning the Muslims in a positive light, he is attempting to divert the anti-terrorist rage away from the Muslims as a whole, but rather at a specific group of radicals.

He does this many times throughout the speech.

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