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What We Learned about Sex: The Masters and Johnson Research Team

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❶Masters and Virginia E. Masters and Johnson's findings also revealed that men undergo a refractory period following orgasm during which they are not able to ejaculate again, whereas there is no refractory period in women:

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About Masters & Johnson. In the late s, Masters and Johnson pioneered research into the understanding human sexual response, dysfunction, and disorders through the direct observation of anatomical and physiological sexual responses of human subjects.

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The controversial work of William Masters and Virginia Johnson has contributed significantly to scientific and social understandings of human.

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William H. Masters, American gynecologist who was a pioneer in the field of human sexuality research and sex partner Virginia E. Johnson, Masters conducted groundbreaking research on sex physiology and in. What We Learned about Sex: The Masters and Johnson Research Team. Christy Matta, M.A. By Christy That all changed in the ’s as William Masters and Virginia Johnson conducted groundbreaking and controversial research into the physiology of human sexuality. The Masters And Johnson Research Team ; Sex And The Older .

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Masters and Johnson were the first to define primary orgasmic disorder as a sexual disorder. This disorder is the most severe orgasmic disorder that is diagnosed in women, and it is characterized by having a complete and lifelong lack of orgasms. Oct 04,  · Pioneering 'Masters Of Sex' Brought Science To The Bedroom William Masters and Virginia Johnson became famous in the s for their research into the physiology of human sexuality. In Masters of.